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SushiJapanese restaurants in Denver have been slicing, dicing, grilling and entertaining diners for decades. Japanese cuisine features a variety of dishes of which teppanyaki (teppan) and sushi are among the most popular. Teppanyaki chefs cook on open grills with an entertaining spectacle. Perhaps the most popular of Japanese dishes is sushi which is Japanese sticky rice artfully rolled or combined with either raw or cooked fish, shellfish and other delicacies. Find your favorite teppanyaki grill or sushi bar in Denver CO listed below.


Sushi Moon - Greenwood VillageSushi Moon is a modern Japanese restaurant with a love for flare and presentation using fresh, healthy ingredients.

Sushi Hai - DenverWe also offer a private Tatami Room, which accommodates eight diners in traditional Japanese floor-seating.

Benihana - DenverOriginal hibachi cooking. Steak, chicken and seafood prepared right before your eyes.

Sonoda's - Four Denver Area LocationsAward-winning Japanese cuisine offering quality sushi and seafood.

Sushi Den - DenverFor the advanced sushi eaters, if you wish to try something completely new, just ask your chef. Each chef has his own creations up his sleeve.

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